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In this forum ask questions/discuss matters related to KASNEB Courses CPA CIFA CS ATD CCP DICT DCM CAMS etcetera. Answer questions, give feedback, share insights and experiences related to your KASNEB studies. Use the comment section below to post.

The discussions herein is meant to enlighten, broaden your understanding and also motivate existing KASNEB students and those who want to pursue their career paths through KASNEB. The main topics allowed in this forum but are not limited to include: Exam rules, Examination results, Exemption policies, Course registration, exemption rules and guidelines and many more…

Note: This is not an official kasneb discussion forum. All matters discussed and advice given herein is subject to verification by kasneb official support.

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  1. Hi, i just had a clarification, in the case of ATD, finance which was in level 2 has been transferred to level 3 and taxation taken to level 2 , if i plan to sit for my december level 3 exams and i had passed finance in level 2 during the may exams, will i be forced to take finance again instead of taxataion. Please assist, thank you.

    1. I failed two papers in section 5, to resit for the paper, l have combined with section 6 papers to clear CPA exams, my question is, what will happen when I fail one of this papers?

      1. In my first level of ATD 1 i got 3 credits earned is it allowed for me to continue to ATD II or do i nedd to retake that one unit

  2. Hey
    I have a question,I did cpa sec 1&2 and had a refer in Commercial law under the old syllabus..and wanted to register for the December it possible??

    1. Hello Angela,commercial law has been scrapped off in the new syllabus therefore you will re-take a paper equivalent to the one you failed in the old syllabus

  3. Hello I have done a degree in business and Management banking and finance options, I have an interest in doing Cpa, help me on how I can exempt some units and at which cost?

  4. I sat for CPA section 3 in 2013 and passed in FR and Company Law, I failed in Financial Management and would like to continue. Where do I start please?

  5. Hello..if you fail entrepreneurship and communication in the old syllabus ,which paper will book in new syllabus

      1. Did finish my ATD 3 back in May. Passed all. Need to proceed to Intermediate level and combine sec 3&4
        . Any exemptions? Do I have to resit for MA and Tax? Kindly help me out!

  6. Hello,Im new to subsequent exam booking.I have already deposited the fees at the bank do I need to an examination booking form as I did when I was registering as a new kasneb student.If there is an examination booking form kindly share

  7. Hello i have done and passed all my section 1 & 2 exams.Can i book the section 5&6 under the old syllabus or do i have to do the new advanced level papers??

  8. Dear admin,
    I did CPA part 2 passed section 4 with previous credits in section 3 i passed in two papers and failed one. I haven’t sat for the failed paper in over 2.5 years now. Will I be required to redo all the papers in section 3&4 or I will repeat section 3 papers?

  9. Dear administration,
    What if one registered part 2 at once , did exams and passed section 4 but in section 3 passed only financial management and company law but failed financial reporting and this was a final attempt in August 2021. Will I retake this one paper or the whole section 3 in the old syllabus? Kindly give away forward.

  10. i did section five last sitting and failed all the papers will i do old or new sylabus or specialise

  11. hi,i am sitting for the april 2022 exams for advanced level 2 .i finished my section 4 level november 2022.I only want to do Advanced Financial Management and Leadership management for the april sitting.Is it possible for me to do that?

  12. Hi, i complited my CPA part one in 2018 and i need to continue with section 3 will i do the old syllabus or new syllabus?

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