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Certified Public Accountants (CPA) course

The course imparts knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to, among other competencies:

  • Prepare accounts and financial statements including for complex entities in both the private
    and public sectors.
  • Use computerised accounting systems
  • Practically apply data analytical tools analyse data and reach conclusions.
  • Undertake audit and assurance services
  • Apply advanced financial management skills to evaluate various financial aspects of a business
    for decision making
  • Prepare management accounts
  • Apply leadership and management skills in practice to manage teams and achieve results

The course is aimed at persons who wish to qualify and work or practice as professional accountants, auditors, finance managers, tax managers and consultants in related areas in both public and private sectors.
Assessment will be conducted in a variety of ways, including examinations, practical papers, workshops attendance and practical experience.

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  1. Hello,
    I’d like to study for the course online. Do you have online classes? How can I get the new syllabus CPA notes?

  2. Hello, I am out of Kenya and I’ll really like to purchase these notes(CPA and the revision kits). I went to the check out but only saw payment by mpesa, which is unfortunately not available from where I am(Cameroon). How can you help me, Please?

  3. Hello.
    I’ve noticed you don’t have ICT notes for CPA on your website.
    Could you kindly upload the notes or at least give an outline so that we can get context on what to study for.
    It’s a newly introduced CPA paper therefore we don’t have any study materials on it, not even past papers, thus making preparation quite challenging.
    Kindly assist

      1. Hi,i did my ATC final exams and passed all units,at what level do i need to start from now that there is ATD III.Am Damiano.

  4. How much is the registration and exams for section one. another issue i have finished my degree course in, will i get any waivers?

  5. Currently doing advanced level but want to sit for three papers in April 2022,can I do any three from the advanced level or I have to the units that were previously in section 5 .

  6. Hello I did CPA Sec 3, with exemptions from part 1 and Financial management of part 3 in the year 2019, since the I didn’t take any exam kindly advise me on how to resume and continue the course with the new syllabus. Thanks.

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