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KASNEB New Syllabus Launched

The long-awaited KASNEB New Syllabus 2021 was launched in a colourful ceremony held on Friday, 23rd July 2021. The event was also streamed live via KASNEB social media pages and Facebook.

The syllabus will be uploaded on KASNEB’s website together with the transition guidelines in due course so keep checking the website for relevant materials and new KASNEB updates.

Some of the queries that emerged in regards to the syllabus transition during the event were as follows:

What happens to those moving from ATD to CPA?

ANSWER: ATD graduates are exempted from 4 papers in CPA foundation level.

What happens to those who had been exempted from CPA section 2 under the old syllabus?

ANSWER: The exemptions granted under the old syllabus will be retained.

What will happen to those who are transitioning from ATD 3 to the CPA Intermediate level?

ANSWER: They will be exempted from 4 papers in CPA Foundation level. Regarding the actual papers to be exempted in, wait for the full transition guidelines to be published.

Will there be any exemption in the new syllabus for a BCOM Accounting option graduate who has done CPA part II?

ANSWER: Yes, Kindly share copies of your transcripts (1st – 4th year) and Degree certificate/letter of completion via KASNEB email address info@kasneb.or.ke for advice on the papers you will be exempted and the total amount to pay.

What will happen to those who are given last chance to sit for a particular paper this August and it is their first attempt, for example, company law?

ANSWER: A candidate with a referral in any of the six (6) papers in the current CPA Parts I, II or III will transfer the referral to the equivalent paper(s) in the revised CPA syllabus or otherwise as explained in the transition guidelines.

What happens to the section 6 students?

For example, what if someone gets a refer in the August 2021 exam sitting…how do you move from there…will you do the refers under the old syllabus or the new one?

ANSWER: All candidates will be granted upto one year to complete the CPA syllabus as is. Upon the expiry of one year, the students will be required to select a specialization from among the papers that they will not have passed by that date.

What happen to those who are joining section 4 under this new syllabus and have done some units that have been brought to this section? Eg tax and M.A?

ANSWER: The student will be granted a transitional credit based on exemption in Management Accounting and Public Finance and Taxation having sat for the papers in CPA Part I

As an ATD student, the new KASNEB syllabus transition looks confusing because the same units that I’m doing now are still there section 3 of CPA. What about it?

ANSWER: Kindly note that once you graduate ATD you will be exempted from 4 papers in CPA Foundation level

What happens to any referrals including those that one may get during the August 2021 exam sitting?

ANSWER: A candidate with a referral in any of the six (6) papers in the current CPA Parts I, II or III will transfer the referral to the equivalent paper(s) in the revised CPA syllabus

Can one book all the 6 papers in one level at once like it used to be under the old syllabus?

ANSWER: Yes, You can book for the six papers in the same level

What will be the exemptions for an ATD graduate under the new syllabus?

ANSWER: ATD graduates are exempted from 4 papers in CPA Foundation level

What happens to those who had started in old syllabus and stop and now i want to continue

ANSWER: KASNEB will give a detailed transition guideline in due course

What happens to the unit I had passed earlier on?

ANSWER: In the transition guidelines, it’s clear that those units passed will be reserved

When will the new syllabus be examined for the first time?

ANSWER: the first exam sitting under the new syllabus will be in December 2021

More KASNEB Updates below…

KASNEB August Exam dates

KASNEB August 2021 exam dates have been announced. The exams are scheduled to be held from 30th August 2021 (Monday) to 3rd September 2021 (Friday).

Note: KASNEB August 2021 Exams will be held under the old syllabus. Also keep in mind that all refers/credits that were supposed to expire in May 2021 will now expire in August 2021.

KASNEB timetable August 2021

So, Is August 2021 Timetable out and how can you get it?

Well, if you are already booked, you can check your personal timetable on the resources tab of the e-kasneb app/portal.

You can also download the detailed KASNEB August 2021 timetable here (Simply click on the link).

Meanwhile, here are the dates for specific exams (general exam dates):

(a) Monday, 30th August 2021 & Tuesday, 31st August 2021

(i) CAMS-Levels I and II

(ii) ATD Levels I, II, & III

(iii) DICT Levels I, II, & III

(iv) Diploma in Credit’ Management(DCM) Levels I, II, & III

(b) Monday, 30th August 2021 to Friday’, 3rd September 2021

(i) CPA Parts I, II, & III

(ii) CS Parts I, II, & III

(iii) CICT Parts I, II, & III

(iv) CIFA Parts I, II, & III

(v) CCP Parts I, II, & III

(vi) CPSP-K All Parts (I, II, III,& IV)

(c) Wednesday, 1st September 2021 & Thursday, 2nd September 2021

Foreign Accountancy Qualifications(FAQ)

(d) Wednesday, 1st September 2021

Foreign Secretaries Qualifications(FSQ)

(e) Monday, 30th August 2021 to Wednesday’, 1st September 2021

APS-K Levels I and II

Note: Candidates are expected to make the necessary arrangements early enough including seeking your employer’s permission (where applicable) to ensure you sit for the above examinations.

KASNEB Students can now apply for KASNEB courses via KUCCPS

In other kasneb updates 2021, KASNEB has announced that form 4 leavers can now apply for both KASNEB’s certificate, diploma, and professional exams through KUCCPS portal.

All you should do is log into your KUCCPS account and select your desired KASNEB course (depending on the grades you scored in your KCSE exam).

Don’t forget to select the TVET institution you’d like to pursue your KASNEB course in.

What is the deadline to book for KASNEB August 2021 Exams?

The last day to book for August 2021 KASNEB Exams will be 31st July 2021.

How to pay for KASNEB Exams if the app is not working

In case you have tried to pay for registration/exams through the app (it may fail to work when undergoing maintenance), you may have to pay through the bank/KASNEB PayBill no.204777

Here is how:

1. Paying through the bank: If you want to use this method, you’re required to fill your student application form/exam forms and then attach all the necessary documents including your bank deposit slip for your booking/registration to be processed.

2. You can as well pay via KASNEB Mpesa Paybill 204777. Now, if you’ll be paying via Paybill, you should enter your Registration number as your A/c number.Be sure to quote your Mpesa reference number you receive from Safaricom on your student  forms, together with the mobile phone number you have used to make the payment. Also take a a screen-shot of your Mpesa transaction message. Next, scan the forms (once you have entered all the information) and send them together with the MPESA screenshot to info@kasneb.or.ke

Can I book for KASNEB August 2021  exams before receiving my results?

Nope! Kindly wait for the results to be released before booking.

Can a new student register now?

Yes but you can only do your first exam in August 2021 (as per the previously published schedule).

Does one get an exemption Certificate of CPA section 1 and 2 to prove you qualified for part 2?

No. KASNEB will issue you with an official exemption letter.

KASNEB August 2021 exams dates

KASNEB has indicated that August 2021 exam will take place near the end of August (could be the last week). The actual dates shall be officially communicated in the near future.Keep in mind the August 2021 examination is for students who are well prepared to attempt the examinations (Of course the time to study is shorter if you consider that the results are being released in June so the assumption is that you have been preparing for the exams).

KASNEB new syllabus 2021

The new syllabus exams will first be attempted in December 2021. That means the August 2021 exams might be under the old syllabus.

Of course, the new syllabus will be introduced in July.We shall be communicating any further details/developments on the new KASNEB syllabus if and when we learn about them.

When is the deadline for paying for August exams…

10th July.But for those that want to sit for November exams, you should book at least by end of September, 2021 though the exact deadline date will be communicated.

What will happen to section three students following the launch of the new syllabus?

Kindly note that there will be a transition period for those who are sitting the examinations based on the current syllabus. Further details shall be communicated officially at a later date.

How to Defer Exams

If  someone wants to defer the exams for instance if his/her degree exams are crashing, simply send an email to examadmin@kasneb.or.ke and attach the relevant supporting documents.

Update about KASNEB Certificates

KASNEB has urged students to Confirm that their names have been spelled correctly and that they are in the proper order upon receiving their examination timetables or result slip.

That is because the name  will be exactly  as it has been printed on these documents on the final certificates.

If you find any errors, you should immediately  write to KASNEB using the email certificates@kasneb.or.ke with your required corrections.

Something else: Be sure to attach relevant supporting documents to the email e.g.  a copy of your national ID card.

How to Pay Fees

Option 1:  Pay through e-KASNEB app

Download the app and follow this article to pay for your kasneb exam registration fee.

Option 2:  Pay through KASNEB Bank accounts

You can as well remit your payments via these KASNEB fee collection accounts:

  • KCB Account- Account no. 1203681194
  • National Bank of Kenya- Account no. 01001031572601
  • Equity bank- Account no. 0170299238025
  • Co-operative bank – Account no. 01129128535900
  • Post Bank- Account no. 0744130009246

KASNEB New Syllabus 2021

KASNEB New Syllabus will be rolled out from 1st July 2021. That means that those sitting exams in December 2021 will be examined under this new syllabus.

We shall be updating you about the exact structure of the various courses under the new syllabus in due course. Stay tuned!

Got more queries? Seeking clarifications? Post it here in our forum and get answers.

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    1. Hi i sat for the old syllabus 2010 when we’re still calling katc 1 and 2 but i had a referral on the section 2 for cost accounting since then i haven’t completed what happened to my case incase i want to proceed with the accounting but i have a knec diploma in procurement?

    1. Hello Vivian, you will re-take the failed unit under the new syllabus. You will do a referral paper equivalent to the one failed previously

  1. I am ATD Finalist and would like to proceed to CPA, how is that possible? Can I get exemptions to proceed to section 3 as in the past and under the new syllabus? Any advise please. Thank you

    1. Hello Eve,all ATD graduates will be exempted all the 6 units in CPA foundation level therefore you will start from CPA Intermediate level

  2. Hello, When shall you release the certificate for those who cleared part 3 CPA certificate for those who cleared in july 2021?.


  3. have not yet gotten my august results
    have logged in the new link and still no way forward
    still have requested for them via the SMS number and still I have got no reply
    I need the results so as to make a decision of the December examinations
    kindly help how do I go abt it

  4. A candidate with referral in management accounting and entrepreneurship as per the old syllabus, which units to take under the new syllabus, kindly!

  5. I wrote my ATD 3 exams back in May, I passed
    . Wanna register for Intermediate level. Any exemptions any sec 4. Do I have to re-do M.A and PFT again? Kindly help me out


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