Key Policy Changes Under The Revised Syllabus

  1. The credit retention rule has been revised. Credits will be retained for the candidate without withdrawal as long as the paper where credit has been earned or its equivalent remains in the syllabus.
  2. The number of examination sittings has been revised upwards from two (2) sittings to three (3) sittings per year.The standard sittings will be in April, August and December.
  3. Students applying for exemptions may choose to either pay exemption fees for all the papers for which they have been exempted in the examination, or pay for the exempted papers under each level as they attempt the examination.
  4. Certificate storage fees have been capped at Sh. 5,000
  5. Candidates will not be allowed to change examination centres without prior written approval from Kasneb.
  6. Other personal digital assistants including laptops, ipads, programmable watches and similar gadgets have been banned from the examinations room in addition to mobile phones.
  7. For professional courses, candidates will be required to book for at least three (3) papers in a level, except where the papers in the level , or those not passed are less than three (3).
  8. Under-age candidates registering with birth certificates will be required to submit their national ID/passport details within three months of receipt.
  9. The entry requirements for professional courses are: KCSE C+, Kasneb Diploma programmes or any other diploma from a recognized institution.
  10. Registration fees paid and applied to register the student will not be refunded. Registration fees may however be transferred to another KASNEB qualification as per existing policy provided the transfer is undertaken within thirty days of initial registration.
  11. Examination fees will be on paper by paper basis, depending on number of papers a candidate will be taking.All papers per level have same fee.
  12. Examination fees once paid are not refundable unless in cases of withdrawal as per existing policy. Examination fees may however be deferred as per the existing policy provisions.
  13. Persons with disability will be granted a 25% discount on registration fees provided they attach a copy of their membership card to the National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPWD) in Kenya or its equivalent in a foreign country where the candidate is based.

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  1. i did advances level ,section five and failed all the papers,will i do old sylabus or new on under specialisation

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