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KASNEB has introduced the Certified Forensic Fraud Examiner (CFFE) course. This course imparts knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to, among other competencies:

  • Apply analytical techniques in fraud detection
  • Design and implement preventive and detective controls
  • Apply and ensure compliance with the appropriate laws in fraud investigations
  • Apply the burden and standards of proof in civil and criminal proceedings
  • Apply the various methods and techniques of conducting fraud investigations
  • Write standard investigations and expert witness reports
  • Develop fraud prevention programs
  • Conduct a fraud prevention health check up
  • Develop and implement a fraud risk management program

This course is aimed at persons who wish to qualify and work or practice in the fields of financial fraud and corruption investigations, fraud prevention, fraud risk analysis and related areas.
The CFFE is administered in three modules, with an integrated case study and workshops at the end of the course. Each module is expected to last for three months. Examinations for the CFFE course will be administered three times in a year, thus the course is meant to last on average one year.
The minimum entry requirement to pursue the CFFE course is:

  • KASNEB professional qualification; or
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university; or
  • Any other qualification considered equivalent to the above.

The course can be pursued through tuition-based learning or self-study.

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