CPA Pilot Papers December 2021

CPA Foundation Level Pilot papers

  1. Financial Accounting Pilot Paper
  2. Communication Skills Pilot Paper
  3. Introduction to Law and Governance Pilot Paper
  4. Economics Pilot Paper
  5. Quantitative Analysis Pilot Paper
  6. Information Communication Technology Pilot Paper

CPA Intermediate Level Pilot papers

  1. Company Law Pilot Paper
  2. Financial Management Pilot Paper
  3. Financial Reporting and Analysis Pilot Paper
  4. Auditing and Assurance Pilot Paper
  5. Management Accounting Pilot Paper
  6. Public Finance and Taxation Pilot Paper

CPA Advanced Level Pilot Papers

  1. Leadership and Management Pilot Paper
  2. Advanced Financial Reporting Pilot Paper
  3. Advanced Financial Management Pilot Paper


  1. Advanced taxation Pilot Paper
  2. Advanced Auditing and Assurance Pilot Paper
  3. Advanced Management Accounting Pilot Paper
  4. Advanced Public Financial Management Pilot Paper

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  1. Hello team KASNEB, I wish you had listed exam codes for all papers in different courses together-in a page- making them directly accessible to us. This would help in relaying information to students.

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