CS New Syllabus

Certified Secretaries (CS) New syllabus

Foundation Level

  1. Management Principles and Practice
  2. Communication Skills and Records Management
  3. Introduction to Law and Governance
  4. Principles of Accounting and Taxation
  5. Human Resources Management
  6. Information Communication Technology

Intermediate Level

  1. Company Law
  2. Public Sector Governance, Policy and Administration
  3. Meetings: Compliance and Administration
  4. Financial Markets and Specialised Institutions
  5. Corporate Governance and Ethics
  6. Research, Consultancy and Advisory

Advanced Level

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Finance for Decision Making
  3. Governance and Compliance Audit
  4. Boardroom Dynamics
  5. Research Project

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        1. Hello Anne,the New CS notes will be uploaded in due course. Keep checking.Meanwhile you can subscribe to our updates to receive updates on the same

  1. hello.
    I was excepmted upto section 3 and started with section four unfortunately i did not pass section four, will i still apply for section four exam under the new syllabus?

  2. Admin , Do you have notes for Board room dynamics, strategic Management and Governance and Compliance audit under new syllabus.

  3. Hey kindly advise the exemption one is eligible to when you CPA-K and a holder of bachelor of commerce Accounting option

  4. Hello,
    How can i get CS notes for advanced level i.e strategic management, Governance and compliance audit, finance for decision making and Board room dynamics

  5. Hey kindly advise the exemption one is eligible to when you CPA-K and a holder of bachelor of Business management Finance and banking option

  6. Please can l buy Foundation level CS notes . let me know the cost. Management principles.

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